Hi! We're  Maddy (right) and Krys (left), two moms who enjoy sharing an honest perspective on motherhood and the everyday craziness in between. Our little world began when we became new moms and decided we wanted to grow a community we could support and rely on. We are so proud that our little community continues to grow with our growing families. As two moms, with different perspectives,  we are able to connect with so many women. As most mothers do, we have gone through it all so, get ready for lots of laughs, some tears, and hopefully a fun time, as you follow our journey at Bambina Diaries.


From two mamas, we hope to extend our friendship to you!


Our blog focuses on connecting with everyday moms through product recommendations, motivational stories, empowerment, fashion favorites, self-care, must haves and much more. For us, Bambina Diaries is a safe place for moms everywhere!


We also like to share tips on raising strong-willed little ones, who have more sass than we like to admit. We love to share products that truly resonate with us and make a positive impact. We focus on sharing content like fun family activities, relatable reels, start healthy discussions, easy DIYs, host a monthly book club, share recipes and more.


Like our growing families, our blog is always evolving and we couldn't be more proud.