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5 Ways to Re-Use Your Amazon Boxes

I don't know about you, but the Amazon boxes keep piling up at our house! When the pandemic hit, it seemed as if Amazon was the only thing that helped, so the boxes started doubling up. So much so that my husband would walk into our spare room and say, "what are we going to do with all these empty Amazon boxes?! The trash doesn't come till later this week!" That immediately got me thinking. What can you do with empty Amazon boxes besides throwing them away?

Interestingly enough, there are a few things you can do, and here's what they are:

Recycle your packaging

This can mean one of two things. Re-use your packaging to send an item back or follow the prompts that Amazon has below, for how to properly recycle their materials.

Here's how to recycle any of the Amazon packagings you received!

Have you heard of the #morethanabox Campaign?

Amazon recently surprised customers with playful shipping boxes inspired by child-like imagination. They introduced fun ways to treat adults, kids, and pets to more than a box! Channel your inner pirate, yogi, thrill-seeker by following the instructions below.

Click here to play!

Amazon Give Back Box Program

The purpose of Give Back Box® is to provide an effortless and convenient method of donating your used household items. Give Back Box not only provides an easy way to be part of a truly good cause, but it also gives a secondary use to corrugated boxes and guarantees they will be recycled. Here's how to participate:

  1. Fill up your cardboard boxes with items you want to donate (except electronics).

  2. Visit GiveBackBox.com and print a shipping label.

  3. Drop your box off at any USPS or UPS location. The boxes are routed directly to the nearest participating local charity organization.

Photo credit: @theantihousewife

Fun tip: Is your family a fan of legos? Try the Lego Replay Program, a fun way to donate the Legos you no longer play with.

DIY Projects or Crafts

There are so many fun and creative ways to re-use your Amazon box for crafts or DIY projects. Here are a few ideas we found!







List them for people that are moving!

I thought this was such a fun idea and a great way to help others in need. If you have a good amount of boxes you can list them via Facebook Marketplace or any of the sites below, and give them to people who are moving and need boxes for packing.

Photo and ideas from https://thekrazycouponlady.com/

Here's where you can list these boxes and people can find them!

1. Download the LetGo app to find free boxes.

LetGo allows you to search for free box listings in your area.

Search “moving boxes near me,” contact the seller, and plan a time to meet. Simple.

2. Use OfferUp to hunt down more boxes.

The OfferUp app connects to people in your area who are buying and selling locally. If you search for “free moving boxes,” OfferUp will point you to others looking to get rid of their boxes.

3. Search Facebook Marketplace to see who’s getting rid of boxes.

Facebook has a lot of groups you can probably join to find moving boxes, but Facebook Marketplace makes it easier to search in your area.

4. Ask your neighborhood for free boxes on the Nextdoor app or website.

Nextdoor is a hyper-localized app that connects you to people in your neighborhood. After creating a free profile, you can ask if anyone has extra boxes laying around or if they can point you to somewhere that does.

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