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A Magical Night at Santa's Fantastical

Yesterday, we were invited to visit a brand new indoor holiday experience in Atlanta called Santa's Fantastical. This family-friendly holiday destination is full of art, technology, and nostalgia. It brings the holiday season to life through interactive experiences, live performances, state-of-the-art technology, and Instagram- worthy moments we absolutely loved!

You may be asking yourself well what else does Santa's Fantastical offer? Well, here's a quick snapshot of what's new this year:

Sofia's favorites were the Fantastical Face Paint, Playing Yondo’s Snowpalooza and the super fun slide that she must have gone on 20 + times. To be fair we also joined her too! See below.

For my husband and I, we loved the holiday-themed rooms, which allowed you to take photos and print your very own free Instagram worthy selfie!

Plus, if you are visiting without kids, they have what's called Santa's Secret Stache. You have to be 21 and older to get in and have their secret password (which you can find through their IG @santasfantastical). Once you're granted access, adults can enjoy delicious holiday-themed cocktails like Havana Santa or Naughty or Spice, just to name a few.

Oh, and did I mention you might just grab a glimpse of Santa? Ho, Ho, Ho!

This magical experience was exactly what we needed to get into the holiday spirit. Rates vary based on the time of year you are looking to visit, but they range from $19 per child (3 and older) to $24 per adult. Make sure to check out this family-owned and operated event in Atlanta that runs till January 5th! For tickets, upcoming events and more visit https://santasfantastical.com/#dates

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