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Color, Read and Sing-a-long! Teach My Toddler Tuesday

This week, I decided to let Sofia decide what our activity would be for Teach My Toddler Tuesday. She decided on these super cute sing-a-long books from the Dollar Tree and so we bought a few for her to do during our weekly activity.

The great thing about these books is that it allows for kids to color them, read them with their parent and sing-a-long, plus it also has fun stickers they can use to add to each story and best of all they are each $1. We first started with Old MacDonald Had a Farm and here is what we did:

1. We began by reading the book together and singing the song included :

2. Then we decided to start coloring the pages and placing stickers along the way :)

3. After we finished, I turned the book over and download the free songs that the book included. Sofia loves music so this was a lot of fun to do before bedtime.

Best part of this week's Teach My Toddler Tuesday is that these books are great buys for any upcoming summer trip and are thin enough to pack and carry with you. Let us know if you find them at your local store.

Thanks again for joining us!

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