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Date Night In Box - Island Adventure

This week, I received my first ever Faith Night In Box from our partner Date Night In Box Island Adventure.

This is our third box gifted from the company and we couldn't wait to see what was inside. Here's what the box included when I opened it:

First, we started our date by creating our very own tropical seashell candle, as we reviewed the recipe card they had included for dinner.

We had never made a candle before, so it was pretty interesting, but in the end it came out great and now we have something yummy to light every night after dinner. Here's a photo:

Next, we moved on to Island Games which was actually pretty fun. The Date Night In Box included four different games for us to play - a word challenge that my husband was awesome at and I wasn't lol, a target game with ping-pong balls and water guns that we loved, a fun twist on the game battleship and then a question and answer game, which was a great way for us to start a discussion about topics we usually don't get to cover.

Before going into the faith portion of the date night, we worked together on a really cool activity called Message in a Bottle. The box included a sheet of paper, pen and bottle, along with some yummy treats for us to enjoy as we completed our note. The goal of this activity was to write a note either to one another or to someone else. We decided to write a note to someone else with relationship advice and then hide it somewhere around the city. Let's see where we leave it and who will find our message in a bottle!!

Our date night concluded with a very special section called the Faith Discussion Guide. The pamphlet had 5-6 different topics and gave us an opportunity to dive a bit deeper into another part of our relationship - our faith. This was actually really good for us to do, especially since most of the time we are so busy that we never get the opportunity to sit down and talk about God or our faith, the way we would like to.

In the end, I really enjoyed trying all three different types of boxes that Date Night In offers. From the original Date Night In to Kids Night In and now Faith Night In, its been a really fun experience trying these in box subscriptions. To try one for yourself visit www.nightinboxes.com and use the code 15OFFNIB for 15% off all subscription plans. It is definitely worth it and a fun reminder to connect as a couple or as a family each month!

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