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Date Night In with Date Night In Box

So this past week, I received my first Date Night In Box from our friends at DATE NIGHT IN. Every month, Date Night In sends you a date filled with fun, unique, and spontaneous date night items, ideas, and activities, all aimed to help you create a moment every month that will last forever! Each month, has a new theme to add variety and spice to your life. Date Night In's highest priority is helping you to connect in a new and creative way with your partner.

This month the theme was "sensing more" and the box provided my husband and I with everything we needed for the night. Before starting, our special date, I visited the special link within our date box to access a step by step guide, recipes, fun activities and a super cute invite. I shared the invite with my husband to mark the date and time of our Date Night In and checked out the dinner recipe menu before Sunday.

Even though we didn't get to prepare the recipe for our date night on Sunday, we are definitely looking forward to using it at some time this week. It looks so delicious and you can find more great recipes at Marina Makes! To start our date night, we both decided to go through our "sensing more" box together, pulling out each item and talking about it before we started. We had put our little one to bed and therefore had the whole night to spend together, plus Date Night In created a custom playlist for us via Spotify that we played in the background.

Once you open your box and visit your custom date night link, you can go through the each step of the night. Since the date night was all about senses we went through all five with senses during a fun table talk session, where we answered questions about Sense, Touch, Sight, Taste and Sound that reminded us of each other, while filling in the blanks to each question. I have to be honest this made us laugh so much! You don't realize how funny the questions can actually be.

We then moved on to our first Touch activity, we were provided with special massage cards and lavender oil. Then, we participated in a Sight activity where we had to piece together a special puzzle that was provided in our box and try and remember the different items pictured. This activity then followed up with a few questions and gave us a great opportunity to talk about a few things in our marriage. Next, we moved on to Taste where Date Night In provided us with a few different types of McCrea's caramel chews that we had to taste test and rate based on our different senses. We really loved this activity!

As we continued the date night, we moved on to Sense and smelled a few different wax candle scents from OKcollective Candle Company that were amazing. We definitely have a few we want to purchase for our home. Lastly, we finished our date night with Sound, answering a few different questions about our relationship. This was one of our favorite parts because it allowed us to slow down and really talk to each other. We are always so busy with work and our little one that sometimes when we get to sit and talk we are just too tired.

Overall, the experience with Date Night In was amazing. Even though this is a sponsored post, I wanted to share my experience and encourage you to try it at least once for yourself. We all know that life gets crazy busy and finding time for one another can usually fall to the very bottom of our priority list, but receiving a monthly box from Date Night In gives you something exciting to look forward to. Best of all, as my husband put it, you can do it from the comfort of your home!

To learn more about Date Night In and to try it for yourself visit - https://frstre.com/go/?a=19136-4863f8&s=490777-dbb2dd

Hope you enjoyed this!



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