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Dine & Dance Sponsored by Date Night in Box

I was lucky enough to try Date Night in Box. Maddy and her husband love their date nights in and she thought I should give it a try this month. Our theme was "Dine and Dance" which are two things Javi and I love to do.

To set the mood, we sprayed the room spray called Pure Paradise that was included in our box. We also played the Spotify playlist they created for our date. Now that the mood was set, it was dinner time. In the box, we received a recipe card and some yummy ingredients for our pizza.

The biggest challenge set for us, as per the directions, was to put our cellphones on "Do Not Disturb" and eat in a new location in the house. Javi and I decided to put our phone in a drawer and set the location in our dining room table. I know that sounds strange, but lately with all the craziness we've been eating in the family room with the T.V. on (something I always said I would never do).

Now came for me favorite part, table talk. We had a set of questions to talk about and discuss which I loved because it moved us away from the typical work and stresses conversation. One of the topics was even to discuss when we think is best to discuss our feelings which totally reminded us of our wedding retreat.

Before we moved on to the "30 second Date Dash" game, we danced a little to the Spotify playlist (maybe we'll share the video another time hahaha). We laughed so much playing the game and of course I loved that I won at the end!

At the end we completed the "What pizza are you?" quiz and reflected a little on our date. It was really nice to disconnect and change things up. I really recommend you give it a try - you won't regret it.

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