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Dots, Emotions and Dinosaurs..oh my!

This week's Teach My Toddler Tuesday was sponsored by Cameron Frank Products who sent us a Dauber Dawgs Dot Markers 8 pack set for Sofia to try at home. I have always been looking to try these out with her so when they arrived we were really excited to play.

The fun part about the dot markers is that they are one size fits all, making them very comfortable for little ones to use. Plus they are non-toxic and non-leaking, offering minimal clean up compared to paint brushes and cups! Our pack came with 10 mini pages that focused on different emotions. This was our first lesson today and it was a great opportunity to reinforce things like: sad, angry, happy, and confused with my toddler.

After she completed her emotions pages and we talked about each one, I gave Sofia the opportunity to visit the Cameron Frank Products site and choose her own FREE printable. They have a variety of options available for kids and she chose the dinosaur collection. We had a lot of fun coloring these together and then matching them with our small dinosaur figurines we had at home.

Below I linked all of the products we used today and recommend you trying them out with your little one at home. It makes for easy clean up and a great activity to do during a rainy day at home. Plus their marker packs make for great gifts too! Sign up for their Cam's Club and enjoy discounts, freebies and first dibs.

Product Links:

Dauber Dawgs - https://www.cameronfrankproducts.com/collections/cameron-frank-products/products/8-pack-washable-dot-markers-bingo-daubers-dabbers-dauber-dawgs-kids-toddlers-preschool-children-art-supply-3-pdf-coloring-ebooks-100-activity-sheets-to-do

Dinosaur Printables - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fuayccSIsb9wd6FyPeebblOcCgtLKVX8/view

Free Printables page - https://www.cameronfrankproducts.com/pages/free-activity-sheets

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