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Fall Crafts

This year since Sofia has started school twice a week I promised myself that I would try and set a side time for fun holiday crafts and share them with all of you. I am not a very crafty person so I promise these craft blogs will always be fun and easy. If after reading this blog post you have tried the craft please send us photos at info@bambinadiaries.com or share with us what other fun activities you have done with your little ones this holiday season. 

Pumpkin Painting 

This is pretty simple craft, just in time for Halloween. If you happen to be shopping in Publix or even Trader Joe's and Whole Foods its more than likely that you have come across a small pumpkin for sale. Next time you stop by, pick one up and wait to see your little ones face light up when you walk in the door. 

This year, Sofia has been obsessed with pumpkins and so we decided it would be a fun idea to join our neighbors (who invited us over for this craft) and paint halloween pumpkins. Below is a list of items we used for this easy weekday craft. 


- 1 small or medium pumpkin 

- Assorted paint from IKEA 

- Paint brushes from IKEA 

- A spray adhesive 

Choose a fun spot in the house or outside ( which is preferred) and setup a paint station for your little one to enjoy. They will get messy but its definitely fun to see their creative side come out with this holiday activity!

Thanksgiving Turkey 

You can never be too early for a Thanksgiving Turkey! Thankfully, my good friend Sandra had the great idea of making a hand turkey with our little girls. Below I have included all of the supplies we used, which most of you probably already have at home. This activity is really fun for kids 2 and older, especially when they see the finished product. 

For us, we decided to take the craft in a different direction and instead of the turkey only having the hand prints of our little girls, we decided to use our hand print to make the body of the turkey. A fun reminder that this year's Thanksgiving piece has a bit of mommy and her mini me!

Supplies: - Construction paper - Glue stick  - Scissors  - Marker  ​


1. Trace your child's hand on a few different sheets of construction or color paper

2. Trace your hand on one dark color for the body of the turkey 

3. Cut all hands out and assemble with glue 

4. Add fun cut outs for the eyes, nose and legs

5. Consider adding what you are thankful for on each colored feather or around the page 

6. If you want to, consider laminating this activity as a fun children's placemat for Thanksgiving 

We hoped you enjoyed these simple crafts and make sure to stay tuned for more blogs like these and fun 5 minute crafts on our story @bambinadiaries !

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