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Fun Ways to Keep Track of Baby Milestones (that won't break the bank)

I have to be honest that I am the worst at milestone photos, albums, and everything in between. So, when Carolina was born I promised myself that I would get my act together and make sure to have memories she can look back on, as well as Sofia when they are older. There are so many cute ideas out there but we decided to share our all-time favs.

Milestone Blankets

You can opt for a customized version, like our favorites from LP Original (shown below), or add a little something extra to the one you found on Amazon as we did. The ideas are endless but always fun to look back on as the baby grows.

Links to Shop:

https://lporiginal.com/collections/milestone-blankets - Beautiful custom pieces!

https://rstyle.me/+W59s7QaiFkJ8VwWoz9R3yQ by My Novo Baby (in the photo with Carolina)

Milestone Apps

There are so many out there right now but we narrowed it to our top 3 pics. These are a few of our favs.

Quick and Easy Photo Books

Krystal is a huge fan of these and has been doing this since Annemarie was born. Our number one pick is GrooveBook. They start at $3.99 a month per book and right now they are offering your first book free with the promo code - MYFREEBOOK. Plus the app helps you free your photos + puts them into a monthly photo book! Each 4 x 6 book comes in a fun new cover each month with bright seasonal patterns + colorful spines.

Another great option are Shutterfly books. Krystal has made these for a variety of occasions and the best part is that they are super easy to make. Here's what one looks like and make sure to keep an eye on the Shutterfly page or Groupon because they are always offering sales! Current offer: SAVE 30% ON EVERYTHING + AN EXTRA 20% OFF GIFTS & DECOR*code: OHJOY

Milestone Cards

These are always fun to have on hand if your baby hits a milestone when you are traveling or if you want to change the scenery and take it somewhere new! Our favorites were from Target by the brand called Milestone and here is how we used them for Carolina.

Link to Shop:


If you are looking for fun out of the box cards here are a few ideas:


Other Milestone Ideas


If you need some inspiration on what to do for these milestone moments, here are a few helpful links.







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