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Galaxy Dough Space Activity

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

These past few days have been pretty hot for us here in Atlanta, so we decided to start focusing on more indoor activities that are quick and easy to set up and put away. We recently got a special delivery from our friends at Safari Ltd, which included these super cute Space Toobs! So, we decided it would be the perfect accessory for a space activity that was out of this world, but one thing was missing.....Galaxy Dough!

If you're wondering what Galaxy Dough is and how to make it, we have you covered. Below, I am including the easiest recipe I've found, thanks to fellow blogger, Growing a Jeweled Rose.

What you will need:

Here's how to make it - from Growing a Jeweled Rose.

  • Combine the flour, salt, & cream of tartar in a bowl and mix. Your little ones will love to help with this.

  • Add drops of black food coloring to the boiling water. We portioned ours out into a smaller bowl.  

  • Add baby oil & the glycerin to the bowling water.  Mix all the ingredients - wet and dry.  Add more food coloring as you knead if needed.  

  • Finish the playdough by adding glitter to look just like the stars. The more the better! 

Once our dough was finished, we decided to take it over to the table and play pretend space adventures with our Safari Ltd space toobs! Here's how that went:

(Use our code BambinaDiaries for a special discount when you purchase your space toobs at Safari Ltd.)

Fun tip: Try purchasing a roll-up playmat to keep your table from those pesky playdough messes. We have tagged ours here - https://rstyle.me/+Xh9DmmEpFfePurqn_R9fBQ

Happy playing!

Add on activity - Alphabet Rocket

*Perfect for kids just learning how to spell their name*

As a fun learning add on to the Galaxy Dough activity, we decided to create a name or alphabet rocket. Below we included the supplies you will need and instructions on how to create this super fun activity.

Supplies you'll need:

Construction paper

glue stick




  • Start by cutting out all of your rocket pieces. Get your little one help by choosing their favorite colors to decorate the rocket with.

  • Then, start putting the rocket pieces together. Have your little one help you put together their name by adding the glue to the back of each piece.

  • Once you have assembled your rocket, you can add stars, glitter and even draw some fun planets. Let your little one tell you the letters in his or her name and work with them on letter sounds so they can continue to learn how to say and spell their name.

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