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How to Keep my Toddler Busy...

Have you ever wondered how to keep your toddler busy without having to show them a TV show, YouTube or have them take over your Netflix account? Well, so did we. It has gotten so bad with my little one that I can not give her my phone, because if I do, I can kiss it goodbye for the rest of the day. The obsession was real until I came across a few amazing resources that she now loves.

I know that all of us moms have different work schedules and are truly at different stages of life with our kids, so I wanted to make sure I included a few resources that would work for everyone. Plus, I promise to keep this short and sweet so it won't take too much time to read. Here we go...


If your little one is going into Pre-K, Kinder or even first grade Education.com is truly amazing. The platform has everything you can think of, from themed worksheets to reading lists and more. Our friends at Education.com shared with us a link to their winter young learners platform that will help your kids learn to spell and read as they practice with this fun picture to word reading list.  My little one is 2 and she loved the worksheets! Head on over to Education.com for more resources just like this or check them out @education_com on Pinterest and Twitter.

Busy Toddler

If you are looking for a quick activity to do with your child on a rainy day, or just a day when you need a break, which feels like every day...lol. Busy Toddler on Instagram is amazing. This mom has such great activities that involve everyday items from your house and if you need to head out and shop most of these crafts are found at the dollar store, so it definitely wont break the bank. We just recently did the Lego Bath, as you can see below and Sofia loved it! For more on Busy Toddler visit their site at www.busytoddler.com or on Instagram @busytoddler

Learning Resources

I was Insta stalking, like many of us do when we have free time and I came across this amazing resource called Learning Resources. The brand has the cutest toys and education packets for kids of all ages. So, I decided to try it and I purchased it via Amazon and my little one is fascinated. Its simple and fun for them to participate in plus the box provides easy clean up. All of the pieces look pretty sturdy and the box I purchased has more than 60 activities, which means its so worth the purchase price of $19.47. Check out our Amazon must have list here to buy your own.

Hopefully these fun ideas will work for you and your little one some time soon! If you know if any other tips, blogs or pages we should add to this blog post, please email us at info@bambinadiaries.com

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