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Just Imagine - Sponsored Teach My Toddler Tuesday with Kids Night In Box

A few weeks back, my husband and I participated in our first ever Date Night In Box as a part of a sponsored program with the company. We loved it so much that we were given the opportunity to try out their Kids Night In Box with our daughter Sofia. So, this week's Teach My Toddler Tuesday changed just a but and involved both Mommy and Daddy!

When the box first arrived, I hid it from Sofia so that we could make sure to surprise her on Tuesday. Funny enough, the minute I saw the box I knew she would love it. There was a cute cartoon bunny on the front and if any of you have seen our photos you would know that Sofia is always carrying around "pink bunny".

After dinner, I shared the box with Sofia and we opened it together. Reviewing each item that Kids Night In Box had included for us to explore. Each box holds a different theme for each month and this month was all about imagination. Best of all it was imagination through the eyes of a child, which was a great thing to see, especially on a rainy evening when we had to stay indoors.

Just like our Date Night In Box, the Kids Night In Box shared a fun recipe for us to try with Sofia called the Hot Air Balloon Sandwich. I promise to try it out with her soon and share it on our story but here is a photo with the recipe and directions !

Then, we moved on to reading time. Sofia loves for us to read her new books and even tries her best to read them herself. It was a great start to the activity.

After a quick story we moved on to a few other activities, which included: Wikki Play, Story Time, Let's Get Moving and Not -a-Snack. During Wikki Play, Dad and Sofia made colorful necklaces shown below.

Then, story time gave Sofia the opportunity to make up her very own story, which we all laughed about. Followed by Let's Get Moving, which was a fun way for all of us to get creative and bring different scenarios to life. See below for Sofia going to space or putting out a fire filled building!

All of that creativity made us hungry, so we decided to move on to the Not-a-Snack portion where we all created our very own designs with the snacks provided - pretzels, cheese crackers and gummies (PS. this makes for a great activity at a restaurant table to keep the kids busy)!

Before we ended our Teach My Toddler Tuesday activity we tried Not-a-Shape, Not-a-Box and Beyond the Box. Each one gave Sofia the opportunity to really use her creativity. For Not-a-Shape, the Kids Night In Box included a special booklet with traditional shapes that Sofia could use to make something she imagined. Even Dad joined in and made a baseball field out of a diamond shape!

Then, Not-a-Box was a fun hands on activity because it gave us the opportunity to create a special car for "pink bunny". Dad followed the simple video that Kids Night In shared with us and the finished product was a hit! Here's a fun video of Sofia and Dad playing with the new car.

Lastly, Kids Night In Box did a great job sharing tips on how to go Beyond the Box and keep your little one engaged long after the activity has ended. Here are a few ideas we will be trying over the summer:

- Try Crayola Model Magic - its mess free and allows for your little one to mold it into any shape they want.

- Wikki Sticks - are great to take on trips to restaurants because you can use them over and over again, building anything they want to come to life.

- Consider watching movies that encourage imagination like: The Wizard of Oz, Boss Baby, Inside Out to name a few.

- Build a pillow or cushion fort and pretend its a castle.

- Bring a tent outside and go camping in the backyard!

For more fun ideas visit www.kidsnightinbox.com/blog and enjoy fun themed activities

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