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Keeping Mosquitoes Away with MissQuito Lawn Treatment

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

There's nothing worse than trying to enjoy your yard while getting bitten by mosquitoes! Am I right? With Atlanta in peak mosquito season, I knew we had to do something and fast.

Thankfully our friends MissQuito, a women-led and operated mosquito control company in Atlanta, came to the rescue. They provided us with excellent service and really listened to all of our needs and concerns. Tailoring a program that was safe for kids and pets alike.

Their three-tier system makes it easy for families to choose the best service for your home and feel good about it.

Here’s how the process worked for me:

1. First, they came out to inspect our front and backyard and identify potential mosquito breeding areas.

2. Next, they tailored a plan to our needs. Listened to all of our concerns, from kids playing outdoors to having two dogs that frequent the backyard. To learn more about their service plans visit https://www.missquito.com/services/

3. Lastly, they treated both our front and backyard and spoke to us about ways we could make sure that mosquitoes did not continue to breed in areas that we didn't realize they could.

Fun Fact: Did you know that mosquitoes are actually attracted to your breath? I had no idea!

If you’re looking for a company you can trust to provide you with great service, I would definitely recommend MissQuito. We are looking forward to a mosquito-free yard and so should you!

If you live in the Atlanta Metro Area, contact them today at https://www.missquito.com/contact/ and use the code BAMBINADIARIES50 for a free initial service ($50 value) with an annual agreement.

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