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Left & Right on Teach My Toddler Tuesday

This week's Teach My Toddler Tuesday was all about learning your left from your right. Thanks to Toddlerversity, we were able to do a super fun activity this week. See below for the items you will need, step by step instructions and what we learned!

You will need the following items for this activity: painters tape ( if you don't have this at home any colored tape will work fine), cars or trains and your camera to capture all the fun. Consider modifying this activity depending on the level of difficulty you want to provide for your little one. We added in foam blocks as buildings that Sofia had to learn how to get around.

First, I started by setting up the course and laying out the toy trains we had from Ikea while Sofia was napping. Once she woke up she immediately wanted to know what the activity was on the floor, so I explained to her we were going to learn about our left and right today, plus practice what it meant to listen to directions and STOP or GO.

Before adding in the foam blocks I let Sofia play along the course, following the green lines with her toy trains and making decisions to turn left or right. Each time she turned I called out the different direction and encouraged her to do the same.

Then, we added in the foam blocks to allow for her to problem solve. At first, it was funny to see how she would run straight through them but after explaining to her the reason for the blocks she began to understand and would decide if she could go under, around or would have to back up.

In the end, Sofia really enjoyed this activity and so did I! It was an easy clean up and an easy setup and best of all we used all of the items we had at home. You can enjoy this activity in the comfort of your home if its too hot or raining outside, or take it outdoors and play on the driveway or sidewalk. Best of all the activity can be as large or as small as you like and include as many players as you need. In our case, it was only Sofia but it can definitely work with 2 or more!

Thanks again for joining us and make sure to check out Toddlerversity on Instagram @toddlerversity!

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