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Mama Needs A New Year's Resolution

As many of you know, we are both moms of two strong willed blessings. Our girls bring out the best in us but can definitely be trying at times. So, we decided to start a new blog called Mama Needs Help. It will officially launch in 2019, but will provide a fun outlet for all of our amazing moms to send in questions or even ask for advice.

This first post is all about the New Year and how to make 2019 the best one yet. So, I took some time and decided to share two of my resolutions with all of you. At times I am at fault for having too many resolutions and never keeping them, so hopefully these two will be manageable. If you have any you want us to add in to this post, or even have questions about, feel free to email us at info@bambinadiaries.com!

1. Mama Needs To Get Her Body Back - This can mean a variety of things for every mom but for me it's getting healthy. It's always been hard getting into a routine with a toddler, so this year my goal is to stay consistent and by doing so I am sharing two options I will be trying, that any of you can do as well.

The first is Pure Barre, they are all over and have a variety of class times. The class is little less than an hour and works out your entire body, leaning and toning the areas you want back to what they were before baby...lol. Plus, they have a special for $99 right now that provides unlimited classes for one month.

The second is Beach Body on Demand. For those of us balancing work, a child, a home and everything else (because yes we are superheroes) this is a great option. Pay $99 for a complete year membership and you can have access to amazing workouts anywhere. Access them on your phone, tablet, computer or smart TV. This allows us mamas to get a quick workout in before the little one wakes in the morning, during nap or event when they are asleep.

2. Mama Needs ME Time! - It wasn't until I participated in my first ever moms group that I realized how valuable some me time truly is + me time in a community of amazing moms. Moving from Florida almost 2 years ago, left me looking for someone else to talk to. I have been truly blessed to find an amazing group of moms who are supportive and motivate me to be a better mom. When you reach this season of life with one or more kids, constantly juggling responsibilities and just trying to survive, its always important to have someone you can talk to and lean on. So, my challenge to all of you this year, is to reach out to a friend or two, meet a new mom or mom-to-be and start creating your own community or small group. Make it the year to build relationships and grow your circle of friends. Plus its a great way to show your little one how to build new relationships with kids their age or younger.

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