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Moving Vibes

As many of you have seen on Instagram - we were in the process of moving and I have felt so much nostalgia. Thinking about leaving the home Javi and I moved to after we got married, the house we found out I was pregnant in, the house we brought Annemarie to from the hospital, it was our H O M E. Thoughts like - will another place ever feel this "right"? 

Then there was the packing- UGH! Boxes, cleaning out what we didn't need anymore, saving all of Annemarie's things for the next future baby. Our case is especially stressful because our move in date was "to be determined", even though we needed to be out of the house within like a week in a half. But, like everyone continued to remind me, trust in God - he has a plan. So I continued being the crazy teacher at work that keeps asking for extra boxes (thank God for my amazing co-workers). 

Moving with a babymakes things pretty interesting too. Javi and I had a pretty good system in place. I tend to like things a certain way so to avoid any added stress I did the organizing and packing, while my husband did the cooking and taking care of Annemarie. I am so grateful he understands my craziness, so for the last couple of nights after we would eat, he  would take her upstairs put her to sleep and cuddle with her while I would pack about 5/6 boxes and then I go upstairs give her a kiss and put her in her crib. It worked like magic!

Now that we are all moved in I still have some bittersweet feelings. Getting used to a new home to make new memories. We are almost 100% moved in (it's only been a week). Already we have made some memories - celebrated my 29th birthday and seen Annemarie play for hours in her new play area. I can't wait to share pictures of how our new home ends up looking after we organize and put everything up.