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Our Family Play Experience at Kefi

A few weeks ago, we were invited for a special tour of a new family friendly play area in Atlanta called Kefi.

They are known for three amazing things - play programming for kids (ages 1-12), spaces just for parents, and amazing play staff! See below for what I mean:

Here is what it looks like when you first arrive. Pricing and hours of operation can be found here.

When we first arrived for our tour, we loved these unique benefits:

- Security - every child that enters has to be registered and is given a special bracelet which will match the one of their parent or guardian, so that no child is ever lost in the facility.

- Cleanliness - every single person that enters the Kefi play area has to wash their hands and all of their exhibits are constantly being cleaned and refreshed. Plus when you enter they have special flooring to take off all the dirt from your shoes!

- Spaces for Kids and Parents - Kefi has special parent only rooms where adults can work or relax while the little ones play. Or if you can't stay they even have a drop-and-go program for members. So you can take an appointment, run some errands, have a date night and then pick up your child when you are done.

My husband and I, as well as Sofia all checked in and made our way through Kefi's play experiences. Here are some of our favorites and I included a few others for you to learn more about here.

Fun Field

This was Sofia's favorite spot and the first one she had visited when we started the tour. The fun field allows you to run, jump, skip, hop, and climb. With a moveable climbing structure, an augmented reality mirror, plus various projection mapping games being led by their enthusiastic and engaging Playsmiths, this space is a place for kids to let loose. Intentionally designed to help kids hone their gross motor skills, as well as advance their problem solving and direction following.

Next we made our way to Beat Box! Sofia loves music, so it was great seeing her bust a move, drop a beat, and compose her own song. This space is about making and enjoying the rhythm of life, as Kefi says. Kids can scan their sensor bands to create a song of their own – which you can get sent to you to enjot at home and start earning free passes to upcoming music and dance events.

After this music room we made our way to two other special areas - Story Cave and the Toy Testing Lab. Story Cave was themed around puppies and upon entering each child got to select his or her own puppy to play with. PuppyTown allows each child to customize, train and lead their puppy to find the key of the city on their giant main screen game. Plus, if you have an older one, they can enjoy the chance to create and train their own heroes and dragons before flying them on their main screen game to take back the castle.

Next up, at the Toy Testing Lab, Sofia and the kids in our tour had the chance to play with some of the hottest toys for kids ages 3-12. All toys were intentionally and strategically chosen to not only offer fun, but to develop 21st century skills, problem solving, communication, and sustained attention span. Best of all they have two rooms divided by age group so that kids can enjoy specific toys made for them.

You can only imagine how hard it was to get her out of that room, but luckily we made our way to ToyTropolis. An amazing room only for kids that lets their imagination run wild. This room is for kids ages 3 and up and even provides live shows for kids on a daily basis. We loved seeing Sofia play in this room. It was another one of her favorites for sure.

During the tour, parents were also shown a variety of fun spaces where we could be. Kefi offers a few adult only rooms where parents can quietly work or relax as their little ones play securely at the facility. Best of all each parent only room has Wifi capabilities, headphones for music, dining options and monitors to see where your little is at all times.

We are really looking forward to our next visit and since we have a little one on the way I made sure to stop by their beginnings room to see what that had to offer. Crafted and designed for crawlers and early walkers, beginnings offers babies and toddlers the chance to play and explore the world around them with developmental toys and more!

Lastly, we finished our visit at the cafe which has amazing coffee, cookies and light bites, plus visited their retail space that allows for kids to test and try new toys before purchasing them.

For more on this amazing new spot in Atlanta, GA click here or email hello@playkefiatlanta.com to learn more about their play packages and memberships. Don't forget to check out their weekly programming too :)

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