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Potty Time with OKBaby for Teach My Toddler Tuesday

This week's Teach My Toddler Tuesday was extra special for us in Atlanta because we finally have made a huge leap in potty training. I have been working with Sofia for a while to get her comfortable using the potty and we finally got there just before school started. Our friends at OKBaby gifted us their on the spot 3-in-1 travel potty in pink for her to try and she loves it! Here are some of its features:

Compact and lightweight, perfect for travel

  • Includes 3 super-absorbent, disposable liners for worry-free travel

  • Removable inner bowl is easy to remove for quick cleaning or for use as a toilet trainer

  • Folds flat for storage and travel

  • Perfect size for little bottoms

  • Non-slip, rubber base for stability

  • Legs lock into 3 positions: Standing for use as a potty seat, Fully extended to fit over toilet seat, Folded for storage and travel

  • Works with both round and elongated toilets

  • Additional liners sold separately

First, we used the potty at home for her to get comfortable with it. We placed it around the house in locations where it was easy for her to access, along with her potty essentials (toilet paper, a change of underwear, wipes and clothes if she had any accidents). The inner bowl was super easy to remove once she went potty and made for a quick cleanup.

Then we moved the potty to the main bathroom downstairs and used the 3-in-1 travel potty as a toilet trainer. It works with both round and elongated toilets and takes two seconds to setup. She loved the fact that she was higher up with the toilet trainer than the regular seat and this made it easier for her to go #2.

The last thing we did was take the potty with us in the car. It's easy storage capabilities and travel bag allows for the potty to fold flat and stay covered for whenever we need it on the road. Best of all it comes with three disposable liners for worry free travel.

We can't wait to share how the OKBaby 3-in-1 travel potty works for us during our trips around the city, so stay tuned. Plus, here are some fun potty tips we have been using so far and link to each of the products that have worked well for us, in case you want to try them during your potty experience.

- Shop Blop Travel Cube Medium

- OKBaby On the Spot 3-in-1 Travel Potty

- Dollar store bin

- Toilet paper + wipes

- Target Cat & Jack 3T little girl underwear

- Change of clothes

- Parents Choice disposable bed mats (you can use these on the couch or even under the potty cause they stick to all surfaces)See below for what we use these for :)

- Mott's gummies (we use these as a reward or prize for when she goes potty. You can use anything that your child would like to help build their potty confidence)

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