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Pretty in Pink for Carolina's Maternity Photo Shoot with Pink Blush

Today I am officially 34 weeks and its getting real! We are so excited about Carolina's arrival but with this process going by so fast, I almost forgot to schedule a maternity shoot. Since we moved from Miami to Atlanta, I lost all of my photographer contacts but was fortunate to come across a very talented young photographer named Morgan with Morgan Scott Photography. She really did a great job capturing the joy of our family and our new baby on the way.

It was also a bit of a struggle trying to see what to wear and how to stay comfortable and cool during the latest Atlanta heatwave, so thankfully our friends at Pink Blush Maternity gifted me a beautiful maternity dress that I was able to include in my photos. The Petite Pink Floral Chiffon Maternity Shift Dress I used was perfect for the day. It had the exact colors I wanted and kept me cool as we took photos outside at the park. Click here to purchase it yourself [use our code bambinadiaries from now till 9/23 and get 15% off your order]

This maternity session has to be one of my absolute favorites, just because I was able to have special mommy and me moments with Sofia and see how excited she was to be in each photo. My dress matched perfectly with hers and it was a rare moment experiencing this shoot with a toddler instead of it just being me and my husband, like it was last time. All I could think about was how excited I am for her to be a big sister. (Side note, currently crying while writing this...lol)

These memories will be my favorites for a long time and make for great stories for Carolina as she gets older. I am so thankful to Pink Blush Maternity and our amazing photographer, Morgan Scott for making this day so special.

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