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Rainbows and Rice for Teach My Toddler Tuesday

This week's activity was all about rainbow rice and the summer sensory kit that was gifted to us by Mama of Joy. This kit included a scoop, shovel, rake and bucket for lots of imagination and fun.

We started by using the sensory kit to practice our alphabet with Rainbow Alphabet Writing. As shared by Mama of Joy, the Rainbow Alphabet Writing bin is for preschoolers and kindergarteners to practice forming letters without the stress of holding a pencil. Its a great way to strengthen their fine motor skills while encouraging their writing skills. When starting our activity we used the alphabet puzzle as our guide.

First we began tracing letters in the rice and added a fun game to the activity by placing all of our letter puzzle pieces in a sensory bin and randomly choosing a letter to trace. Sofia's favorites were the letter T, S and M.

Then we moved on to shapes and began using the rice as a fun way to showcase circles, triangles, squares and hearts. The sensory kit was an easy way to practice a few of these essential items and you can even add in numbers as well!

After working on our letters and shapes, Sofia had some free play and used her sensory kit tools and work on her fine motor skills to scoop up the rice, rake it and place it in the bucket. We really enjoyed this week's activity and setup and clean up were really simple. To purchase your own sensory kit from Mama of Joy click here.

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