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Rent Stylish Maternity Clothes with La Belle Bump

When I had Sofia, I never really wanted to invest in maternity clothes, so I avoided it completely. This time around, I caved...lol. I finally got to a point where I hated how everything looked, but I didn't want to go into the store to try anything on. That's when I came across La Belle Bump. It's your very own personal stylist for pregnant moms and its super easy!

They were kind enough to send me a box to try a few different looks for an upcoming event and I loved what they sent. Check them out below and how I styled them.

Now, you might be wondering, how does this work, and does it take forever to arrive? It's actually super simple. I have done a few different stylist boxes in the past and this one is the fastest by far. See below for the steps. Plus, my favorite part is that you can keep the items for as long as you need them, return them and then get another set, without worrying you missed their deadline or worry about any crazy hassle.

If you're a pregnant mom or have a friend that's pregnant, make sure to share this blog with her or even consider getting her a subscription as a gift! Here are a few more reasons why I loved working with this brand.

- Premium quality clothes without premium price tags

- Save up to 80% by renting

- Keep items as long as you want

- Exchange any number of items whenever you want

- Unlimited exchanges

- Free dry cleaning

- Discover new brands & styles

- Love it? Buy it at a discounted price!

In case you wanted to see an up close look at how I styled them with the items I had at home, check out the photos below! Can't wait for my next box. Use our promo code BAMBINA19 for 15% off the first month of the 3 or 5 item box. Only valid for U.S. customers.

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