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Sofia's O N E

As we mentioned in our last blog, its important to not lose site of your little ones "firsts", as they can pass us by way to quickly. As we reflected on all of the amazing firsts our little girls have had this year, we wanted to share with you how we went about planning the "Big First Birthday." 

Sofia just turned one on November 7th of this year and planning her first birthday truly could have gone either way. You see, as a mom, your little ones first birthday is a huge deal. Not only for you and her and your husband but for all of the family involved. Abuela, Abuelo, Tia,Tio, the cousins, you name it, everyone plays a role in this special day. 

I promised myself that when this special day came about that it was always be all about her. The theme she enjoyed, the place she would have the most fun, and so on. I tried to make sure not to get caught up in the little details and remember that this was supposed to be fun. I included below a check list of a few of the things I made sure to remind myself of so that Sofia's special day could be enjoyable for everyone. Now, I warn you, in my cause there was a bit of stress added. You see, we just moved this year to Atlanta and our entire "world" aka family and friends are in Miami. So this party was planned in one area code and took place in another. I know many of you will not have to deal with this issue but in case you do decide in a "destination birthday" some of my tips below can be pretty helpful. 

As we said before, cherish every moment because even days like this pass by way to fast :) 

First Birthday Checklist:

1. Decide on your theme. What is your little ones favorite character, the show or animal that makes her face light up? Thats always a go to for any party theme. You want to make sure she loves it as much as you do. 

2. Pick a venue that she will enjoy, not only your party guests. Remember she is the most important person there. In my case I choose a little gym. She has been going to little gyms since she was 6 months old, so she knows the drill and really enjoys them. 

3. Find something that has a package. The less you have to worry about the better. So see if you can find a place that includes food, decor, entertainment and best of all cleanup. Consider having your friends and family help you with the small stuff so you don't have to worry about the ice and goody bags along with a one year old. 

4. Create a gift registry. Leading up to the event everyone is going to ask you, what do we get her or him? What size is she again? Whats her favorite character etc. The best thing I did was create a birthday registry for her at Buy Buy Baby. It was an easy way for guests to find the perfect gift they wanted for her and even ship it if they wanted to. 

5. Books versus Birthday Cards. I opted to have our guests bring my little one a book instead of a card. Although cards are great they are really never kept. My little one loves to play with her books so this was a great way to add to her library. 

6. Choose a comfy outfit that they can move in. Although you want your little one to looks super cute for their first birthday its always a good idea to consider choosing an outfit that they can move and play in. The last thing you want is for them to start crying because the outfit is too itchy or uncomfortable. 

7. Plan their first birthday shoot way in advance. You would be surprised how quickly the big day approaches so its always best to make sure you have planned the birthday shoot way in advance. Consider having the photos take place a few days before because then you might even be able to display the pictures during the party or include them in your favors! PLUS - make sure to always bring extra outfit choices. You never know when you can get an extra few pictures with your photographer or when the little one has an accident and needs to be changed. 

8. Lastly have fun! Make sure to take as many photos together as you can. As his or her parents you are always being pulled in a 100 different directions. Especially on that day. So take a breath, stop and make sure to enjoy the moments. That day will definitely be one you won't forget. 

PS: If you plan on having a "destination" birthday just give yourself time. Many locations tend to get booked way in advance so the more time you can give yourself the better. ENJOY!!

 Photos by http://joseandteresa.com

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