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Sofia Turns "3" Under the Sea

This month, Sofia turned three and when we asked her what theme she wanted for her birthday she said Under the Sea! Thankfully, our friends at Safari Ltd came to the rescue. They sent us figurines from their Wild Safari® Sea Life collection and this is how we used them to bring Sofia's birthday to life.

You may be asking yourself, how can you use figurines to decorate a party? Well, here is the way I used ours:

- In our main table decor main

- As a fun surprise in the chip bowl and near the cookies

- As a special accessory for my child's cake

- In the treat bag or as a party favor

- As a sensory activity for my guests

Table Decor

I used the Clown Fish, Giant Pacific Octopus, Puffer Fish, Blue Tang, and StarFish as a part of the table decor to add fun and another dimension to the table. The kids absolutely loved it and couldn't stop pointing at each item they spotted on the table.

Around the Food

Best of all, I decided to have some fun with one of our figurines, the Hermit Crab, and place it in our goldfish bowl. I loved hearing each of the party-goers laughs as they would go in and serve themselves goldfish and spot the Hermit Crab just sitting there. I also placed the Clown Fish and Blue Tang around the beautifully decorated Under the Sea themed cookies by Snow Drop Sweets.

Cake Decor

As a part of the table decor, I used the Seahorse right in front of our cupcakes. I absolutely love the quality of these figurines and realized that they can also be used on cupcakes or as a part of any cake decor. If you do consider doing this, make sure to use the Good Luck Mini® Sealife Fun Pack. They are just the perfect size and each colorful set includes a Humpback Whale, Jellyfish, Manta Ray, Hermit Crab, Manatee, Octopus, Sea Horse, and Green Sea Turtle.

Party Favors

I wanted to make a fun and unique party favor, so in addition to the small goody bags that included a seashell notepad and a pearl necklace, plus shark gummies, I decided to offer each one of our guests the chance to take home their very own Good Luck Mini®. I purchased small cork stopper glass bottles from Amazon and placed a sea creature in each one from the Ocean and Coral Reef Fun Pack, for each guest to have as a fun reminder of Sofia's party.

Party Activities

Since the party was all about marine life, which is now Sofia's favorite thing ever, I decided to create three sensory activities to keep the kids busy, while at the party. The first sensory bin was all about taking a dive in the deep. Here, I used a simple bin and shovel from the dollar store and paired it with water beads and Safari's Coral Reef Bulk Bag. Each child could choose their very own ocean animal and create a unique scuba adventure. The set features 48 different figurines, so I was able to use them throughout each of the activities I created.

The second bin was all about counting, and I used the Ocean Bulk Bag and placed a different number of creatures in each ziplock. Guests could then come over and count them for themselves and see who picked the bag with the most or the least amount of sea creatures.

The third bin was Sofia's favorite. It included play sand and playdough and encouraged the kids to make a mold of their favorite sea creature from the Coral Reef Bulk Bag.

Needless to say, Sofia loved her 3rd birthday and I had a blast decorating! Thanks to Safari Ltd, she was able to enjoy the party she always wanted. In case you want to try this for yourself, scroll down for a complete list of all of the decor items included in Sofia's party and a direct link to purchase them yourself.

Mermaid Balloons

Under the Sea backdrop + balloons

Mermaid themed plates and napkins

Dessert shell plates

Party Favors

- tags

- necklace + notepad

- gummy sharks

- Good Luck Minis + glass bottles

Mermaid cookies by Snow Drop Sweets


Make sure to tag us @bambinadiaries if you purchase any of these items and don't forget to use code BambinaDiaries at checkout for a 20% off when you visit Safari Ltd

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