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Starting School.

When we moved to Atlanta, my husband and I discussed at great length whether we would put Sofia in school before the age of 3. I decided to do some research and scheduled a few different tours at various schools to see what their 2 year old program looked like. 

I have to say I was very impressed by most and then horrified by others. In the end, my husband and I decided that Sofia would be ready for a young 2's program in August of this year and figured lets give it a shot. Now fast forward to today and my first born, only child...for now...is starting her first day of school.

I honestly don't know who is more excited, me or Sofia. Well I think me, but either way we have been preparing her for this moment over the last month. Talking about her new school, buying her first backpack and lunch box, creating our first day of school sign and picking out the best outfit for the day. 

Little did I know that the day before school would be so full of worry for me. I always remember my first days of school but have never experienced it as a parent. I pray that she doesn't cry, but know she and I will. I hope she will make it through the day, but worry she may miss me too much and I hope I don't forget anything and therefore have a million post its all over the house so I don't...lol!

In the end, I am excited and emotional. The fact that my baby is no longer a baby but now a toddler and that she will begin her first day in school - it's crazy to think about. Especially since it seems like yesterday when we brought her home from the hospital. I ask myself, who will she sit next to? What new friends will she make? How will the day go for her? The questions are endless! But for now we are looking forward to this new milestone and can't wait to see what pre-k 2 has in store for little miss Sofia. Make sure to stay tuned on @bambinadiaries for all the smiles and tears :) 

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