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Stocking Stuffers and Quick Gifts Under $5

Christmas is right around the corner and the items I always forget to buy are my stocking stuffers. So this year, Krystal and I decided to share a fun blog with a few quick ideas for you to pick up or at least direct you to some great places. This blog should take less than 5 mins to read and all of the items were found at Five Below, The Dollar Tree and Target Dollar Spot.

Gifts for Mom and Dad

Some of my favorites are iPhone cords, chargers, quick makeup palettes, tech items, and phone cases.

Gifts for Kids

You can't go wrong with Frozen 2 right now and there was so much to choose from! I picked up a few sticker books, play makeup and much more for Sofia. There were also mini board games, excavation kits, slime and a lego on the go box - which I loved.

Gift cards

In case you don't have time to make it to any of the locations I shared above and need to pick up something quick via a drive-thru, here are a few places that have great options. Our favs are Chick-fil-a, McDonald's, Starbucks. I also came across a great blog for gift card ideas for kids below!

ARTICLE: https://www.giftcards.com/gcgf/the-best-giftcards-for-kids

STOCKING TIP: If you're looking for a quick stocking stuffer that won't break the bank for kids, consider including a Happy Meal or Kids Meal toy! You can usually ask the drive-thru attendant for an extra one or two and then when you get home just sneak them in the stocking. McDonald's has a brand new Frozen 2 line and you bet I have a few of those waiting in Sofia's stocking.

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