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Build A Bear - Pay Your Age Promotion

A few months ago, I had received an email from Build A Bear regarding their pay your age promotion, where parents are encouraged to visit the store on the day of their child's birthday and received a special Happy Birthday Bear for the sole price of their child's age. In our case it was only $2! Lets just say mom and dad were beyond excited. Here's a bit more on the offer and the experience Sofia really enjoyed. Did I mentioned this was her first time creating a bear?! 

Here's more on the offer below: 

Upon arriving, Sofia and I alerted the store rep of her birthday and they kindly showed us to the Birthday Bear we could choose. We then went over to the stuffing station where Sofia was able to stuff her own bear and make a special wish before placing her heart inside. 

Next, they encouraged us to take our new bear for a bath and grooming. Sofia ended up naming the bear Lulu after her favorite Word Party character and did exactly as she was told. 

 We then made our way to the birth certificate station and created a special certificate for our new furry friend. Dad was a huge help with this of course!

Sofia couldn't believe her eyes and we were beyond excited to head home and play with Lulu. Upon check out they offered us a happy birthday tee which of course we purchased and they packed Lulu in her new Build A Bear house. Definitely a great start to her birthday! Hopefully you can enjoy the same memories with your little one soon. 

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