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Teddy Needs a Bath ... well actually Bunny does!

A few weeks ago, I came across an amazing brand that was featured on Shark Tank, called Teddy Needs a Bath. They were kind enough to send us a starter pack to giveaway for the holidays, and needless to say I was beyond excited to try it. 

You see, Sofia lives carrying around her bunnies. Pink bunny, yellow bunny, blue bunny, we have every color you can think of. When we sleep trained Sofia the bunny was her "safety blanket" so no matter where we'd go, bunny came along. So, bunny has been in everything and has had everything on it, which made  Teddy Needs a Bath the perfect product to try out. 

Here is what the packet included: 

- 1. Washer and Dryer Bag 

- 2. A box of (40) scented dyer sheets that smell like cotton candy 

Before sharing the giveaway with our followers, I tried it out to see how it worked and how easy it could be for a mom on the go, as many of our followers are. I picked the dirtiest bunny I could find, washed it and then placed the bunny and a scented dryer sheet in dryer bag and ran it on tumble dry for a few minutes. It was the easiest thing I had done and the only product on the market that left bunny smelling like new - not too strong or soapy, but just perfect. 

This product is a definite YES! Make sure to enter our giveaway at the link below to win your starter pack and visit the Teddy Needs a Bathpage to order. Plus they are also sold on Amazon!

Giveaway link: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bqr075oFrJ4/


The product is great for any stuffed animals, possibly even baby blankets and the dryer bag is large enough for multiple items. If you have any questions, about this product or any others, feel free to email us at info@bambinadiaries.com

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