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The Mother of All Baby Showers in Atlanta

This week, I was invited to the Mother of All Baby Showers (MOABS) event in Atlanta at The Park Tavern to attend as a mommy blogger. It was such a fun experience and I wanted to share with you all the interesting tips and vendors I met along the way.

With this being my second pregnancy, I had a better idea of what works and doesn't, as well as what I prefer, but this event really opened my eyes to things I was not aware of. The baby market is constantly changing, so its great that events like MOABS exist, where you can actually see the products and talk with experts in person. Plus, they have some amazing giveaways too like this fun basket below from Atlanta Parent Magazine.

I took my husband with me to enjoy a kid free night out and when we arrived we stumbled upon Buy Buy Baby first. They were the company I had my first daughters registry with and to be honest when it comes to seeing things in person and trying them out, they are my go to always. The table they had setup highlighted some of the most popular items on the market and at the end of the night all of the items were discounted for purchase.

The one item that caught my attention was the - aqua scale. Its a digital scale and thermometer 3-in-1 bath tub that reads your child's weight without water and is great for moms that are breast feeding to see how much they have gained, as well as a quick temp read for little ones. Definitely, added that to my registry!

We then moved on to strollers and car seats, which has been a huge thing for me since now I have two little ones and I also have a smaller SUV that doesn't have too much space for a large carseat. The first brand we came across was CYBEX. Their strollers were light weight, beautifully styled and their carseats even have the capability of turning into a bassinet, which is great when you don't want to buy both an infant carseat and a bassinet to switch on and off. Check out the video below.

Best of all, they are launching a new concept called the e-PRIAM, the first e-stroller by CYBEX. Intelligent, intuitive, and exceptionally innovative, the e-PRIAM empowers you to glide up and down hills with ease, and smartly adapts to rough terrain like sand, gravel or cobblestones with its support motor. Click here to check it out for yourself!

We also were able to test and try out the Diono strollers and carseats that are known for being light weight, great for travel and come with some amazing accessories.

But although we were looking for our little one we didn't forget our toddler. We came across two items we loved for her. The first is the LEMO highchair by CYBEX, its a 4-in-1 system that offers a sustainable choice that grows with your baby. Simply use the matching attachments for your child’s age and the LEMO Chair can be used from birth up to approx. 99 years.

I honestly did not believe it until my husband (shown below) actually sat in it and showed all of us that it could even take an adults weight. The highchair offers a smart one-hand adjustment feature allows the choice of four depth positions and a stepless height adjustment of the seat. Best of all, I can use it for baby #2 and add on their bouncer that adapts to this super cool seat. Click here to learn more about it for yourself.

Making a stop by Chicco, who is the brand we ended up going with for our double stroller and infant carseat, we came across a new toddler seat that we had not seen before. Speaking with the Chicco rep, we learned so many new things about what to look for, when it comes to our next toddler seat, as well as how to choose the right fit for your new bundle from birth to booster. In case you are wondering, we are looking at the MyFit found here for Sofia, which allows us to eventually use it as a booster as well.

The event also had some great panel speakers in attendance who cover important parenting topics and share what new advances were out in the market to help with safety concerns like the unfortunate increase in recent infant car deaths.

After the panels had ended, my husband and I stumbled across a few new brands we had never heard of but I definitely wanted to highlight in the blog:

- The first is Mina and Vine - a super cute smart nursing scarf that you can wear multiple ways and best of all continue to use even after nursing. Here is their quick tutorial on how to wear this cute piece.

- Next, I came across their sister company called La Belle Bump, a company that offers maternity styles for rent. I personally loved this concept because sometimes its so hard to find affordable maternity wear that you can see yourself wearing more than once during your pregnancy. La Belle Bump offers everyday wear selections, items for a special occasion and the essentials. Click here to learn more!

One of the biggest things my husband and I were looking for were items to use outdoors. We love going to the park and when we can, lake or beach with our little one, so we came across these two brands that we absolutely loved:

1. Keenz Stroller Wagons - they are super easy to move around, durable and have an amazing canopy included for when the little one wants to take a nap or needs that extra shade, plus their is even a 5 point safety harness for two kids! Click here to check it out for yourself and see all of the amazing accessories that comes along with their 7S model.

Here is what it looks like when it folds down

2. Baby Delight Go With Me Chair - this was a really cool concept for baby number two when we take the older one to the park to play sports, are out visiting family at the beach or better yet I just need to sit my little one somewhere during a meeting or moms group. The 5 point removable harness makes your stable baby secure and comfortable as they sit upright in the seat. As baby grows the seat can un velcro to reveal two leg holes perfect for letting baby stand with support. The chair can then be used through toddler and big-kid ages, either with or without the snack tray. Indoor/outdoor polyester along with the included sun canopy makes this the perfect chair to carry with you for use outdoors, or anywhere indoors. Click here to learn more and see all the fun colors!

Lastly, I had a major fan girl moment at the event when I ran into Ava the Elephant creator, Tiffany Krumins. My mom and I are huge fans of Shark Tank and meeting her was such a cool experience. Her product is fantastic and I wanted to link it here - Ava the Elephant, for any mom out there looking for a great product to help your little one take their medicine.

The event was a great opportunity for me as a soon to be mom of two and I wanted to thank MOABS for having me as their guest. Best of all the swag bag was awesome and here is a photo of it below!

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