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Travel Safer this Holiday Season with WAYB

Traveling with kids is never easy and it always seems like you are constantly lugging things from one place to the other. But this year, Christmas came early when this box arrived at our front door!

For my family, one of the most difficult items to travel with is the toddler car seat. I can never seem to find the right one. They are either too big, heavy, or wider than they need to be. When I come across the ones I like unfortunately they don't have the proper safety features and I don't feel comfortable having my toddler in a booster seat just yet. I needed a car seat that was slim, offered the appropriate safety features and was easy to move from car to car. That's where WAYB comes in. They are a company that knows what we as families truly need and were kind enough to gift us their new forward-facing car set for toddlers called Pico.

The Pico car seat is designed to keep your child safe while traveling in a car or airplane, weighs only 8lbs and can be easily folded and packed into a backpack. It was exactly what I had been looking for and so we decided to try it out on a few road trips. Here are some of my favorite features:

Light & Compact – just 8 pounds and easy to fold, carry, or stow

Safe – passes applicable consumer product safety tests

Super Strong (designed with an AeroWing™ aerospace-grade aluminum frame)

Quick and easy to set up and take with you anywhere - SO IMPORTANT!!

Made of AstroKnit™ performance poly-wool mesh keeps kids cool and comfortable

Best of all Sofia loves it and I gained so much space in my back seat. See below!

Another great feature of the Pico car seat is that you can take it with you when using an Uber or Lyft. Not sure if it's happened to you, but when traveling to a city or location and using an Uber or Lyft, you are not allowed to take your toddler or infant unless you bring a proper car seat with you. An infant seat isn't as bad to carry as a toddler seat. So the fact that the Pico car seat can be folded into a book bag and then installed in any car makes it so much easier to take around. This was a huge relief for us and something we had never been able to do before. Below is a quick photo of what I mean.

As a mom safety is also really important. When researching WAYB, I came across their safety disclaimer which shares that it passes all safety testing according to U.S. standards regulated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Plus, WAYB offers easy-to-follow installation videos on their support page and recommends checking any car seat installation with a Certified Passenger Safety Technician in your area. The Pico car seat is a forward-facing seat for kids 22-50 pounds and 30-45 inches tall, which works well for my child's dimensions. Below are a few more reasons why you should check out the Pico car seat for your family.

In the end, WAYB came to the rescue for my family this holiday season by gifting us the car seat and travel bag. The company is also offering FREE shipping for all orders over $100 on their site right now. To learn more about this amazing brand and car seat visit - http://www.wayb.com/ and let us know what you think.

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