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Up, up and away!

Have you taken your little one on a plane yet? Well last week was our first time. We had been meaning to visit our family in Miami for a while and with the little one getting bigger and less patient we figured flying was the best option. I wanted to share a few good tips for moms to use when choosing to fly for the first time or during a long trip. Hope this helps everyone, I know for us these items really helped make our little one's trip a success. Bon Voyage and Safe Travels!

1. Infant seat or lap seat: We opted for our little one to sit on our lap instead of purchasing a seat just for her. Its cost effective and helps you keep them feeling safe, especially if its the first time they fly. However, only draw back is space. As many of you know, flights have become more crowded and less spacious, so we opted for upgraded seats with a bit more room. Otherwise, consider purchasing a seat for your little one and taking him or her in their car seat. Its something they are use to and can make the experience comforting. 

2. Bottle or no bottle in high altitudes?:Many of my friends shared with me that it was important to have a bottle with milk for the take off and landing. We did just that and it really was beneficial for our little one dealing with the change in pressure for her ears. Suggestion though, don't take the bottle with milk already, make sure to take a sealed packet of milk or formula because it can get tricky with airport security and you don't want to be without this on the flight. 

3. Which airline is kid friendly?: We checked a variety of airlines to see which ones had the best amenities - larger seats, better price, electronics + wifi capability and we came across DELTA as the best option for us. The staff was beyond nice and even provided Sofia with her first set of wings. They kept coming by to see how we were doing and really made the experience even more special. 

4. TSA check aka baby hell : The absolute worst part of our trip was the TSA check in so I wanted to make sure to share with all moms what to expect - give yourself plenty of time, always have the little one in the stroller with a toy or entertainment, be prepared to move fast and take everything off (shoes, jewelry, baby out of stroller you name it!) warning through if you are taking milk or baby food with you + snacks be prepared for them to search every inch of your baby bag and then even pat you or your spouse down. Best of all this will usually be happening while your little one is screaming bloody murder. It will be over pretty quickly after that but definitely an experience to remember...lol (oh yes and they took her favorite toy away for screening so be prepared for that meltdown) 

5. Gadgets, snacks and more: When preparing to board a flight they let you take a stroller plus the baby bag and one personal item or carry on for yourself. In my case I was able to check the stroller at the gate which is a lifesaver when the little one falls asleep on the flight like mine did (quick easy transfer to the stroller once your out of the plane and off you go). In addition to the stroller I made sure to just take the baby bag and pack my necessities in it. Figured less bags the better. In her baby bag we had the essentials: sealed milk, milk bottle, small toy, crayons and paper, head phones for a movie (btw DELTA has great movies and shows that the kids can enjoy which is a huge entertainment factor) a book if needed and her Amazon Free time Tablet(which is an amazing gadget, click the link if you haven't already gotten one). 

6. Hope for the best:In the end, we were fortunate to report that our little one fell asleep on the plane to Miami and made a great landing. The flight back was great as well except for a minor hiccup at landing but thankfully the staff with DELTA was great and in a manner of a few minutes she calmed down. Like many people told me, expect the worst but always hope for the best. Experiences like this are truly fun and we look forward to many more flights to come (maybe even with a bit more wine for mom ...lol). 

If you have any great tips to share, please send them to us at info@bambinadiaries.com as we would love to share them with our readers!

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