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Water Fun for Teach My Toddler Tuesday

This Tuesday, we decided to make our activities all about our new water table, in honor of our recent trip to Miami. Sofia loves her new water table and can play with it for hours. So, I thought, what activities can we do to help her learn as she plays and share with others to do the same? Since school is officially out today in Georgia, this is the perfect opportunity to start planning fun summer activities outside. Below are the two learning experiments we did that include the Alphabet and Science!

First we decided to use foam letters and numbers with two kitchen utensils as a way to play alphabet soup in her water table. (FUN TIP: If you don't have a water table at home, you can do this in a small kiddie pool, the bath tub or even a large plastic bin filled with water). We filled her water table, threw in the letters and numbers and went fishing with large plastic spoons. As Sofia caught a letter, she told me what it was. If she didn't know the letter, I would tell her and we kept on from there. She absolutely loved this game and we played for a while until we went on to our next activity.

The second activity we did was all about measurements and liquids. We already do this in her tub during bath time, but decided to take it outside yesterday. I found a few different containers or plastic bottles and provided Sofia with a small measuring cup. She would fill the measuring cup with water and then pour the water into the container of her choice. She loved seeing them fill to the top and learned what happened when they filled up with too much water. We decided to continue the activity and use the rainfall she has as part of her water table as a fun way to fill too. On hot summer days, this is the perfect activity to cool off the little ones if you don't want to go to the pool.

As I mentioned in our post yesterday, I wanted to share a few fun links to great mom blogs that share modifications to these activities and many more ideas. Make sure to check them out below and we hope you enjoyed this week's Teach My Toddler Tuesday.







If you wanted to purchase Sofia's water table below you can buy now at - https://bit.ly/2JBCyro or visit your local Costco!

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