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Zoo Day at Zoo Atlanta for the NEW African Savannah

Last week, we visited Zoo Atlanta with the family from out of town and enjoyed a first glimpse at the new African Savannah that the Zoo just opened in early August. This is the first phase of the exhibit and animals are still getting use to their new habitat but here are some of the amazing animals we saw! I also included some important information from the Zoo Atlanta site on this fun new exhibit.

The new elephant environment more than triples the size of the Zoo’s former elephant habitat and is a dynamic living space designed with elephant well-being in mind. Elements include Abana Pond, the largest of the complex’s three water features, a pond with 360-degree access and a gentle slope for ease of use by multiple elephants. Additional features include Chishimba Falls and Kalambo Falls, two waterfalls named after falls in Africa, and a feeder enrichment activity wall. Hand-crafted rockwork is designed to replicate an African river basin.

The indoor Zambezi Elephant Center has the capacity to house up to seven elephants and likewise features elements planned with elephant well-being in mind, including sand under the elephants’ feet. A special observation area gives visitors the chance to look inside the building for a behind-the-scenes look at the elephants’ care.

The exhibit is also home to zebras, giraffes and ostriches, as well as warthogs and meerkats:

Lastly, before we left we made sure to stop by and visit the lion's den and see three male lions playing and enjoying the day. Plus take a fun photo!

Some future items that will be added to this exhibit will include Savanna Hall, a one-of-a-kind special event destination that will overlook the new African Savanna from the historic former Cyclorama building, and a new grand entry plaza. Both Savanna Hall and the grand entry plaza will open in early 2020.

To stay up to date on this new exhibit visit zooatlanta.org/africansavanna. Make sure to stop by when you are in town or plan a visit at zooatlanta.org.

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